Five Light Desserts to Serve at a Brunch or a Picnic

coconut and lime macaroons by la tartine gourmande

light dessert :: quinoa poudding by cannelle et vanille :: lemon cookies

Many occasions call for a light dessert instead of a piece of cake. This is particularly true at Easter, at a picnic, a walk at the beach or at a family brunch. Here are recipes that you will be proud to serve to your guests.

coconut and lime macaroons by la tartine gourmande

+ Coconut and Lime Macaroons by La Tartine Gourmande
+ the Quinoa pudding with strawberries and pistachios recipe from Cannelle et Vanille
+ a gluten-free lemon cookie recipe: Lemon meltaways on Style at home

Two Cold Desserts

Those will be tricky to bring at a picnic but they taste so good on a summer day that I had to include them on my list.

gelato affogato recipe by david rocco

+ a classic Italian recipe, the Gelato Affogato by David Rocco
+ the Strawberry granita recipe of David Lebovitz that you top with lemon zest or macerated berries