Finding Time to Decorate My Home

Burberry watch

Now that I have set my priorities for the year, I can start to take actions to make it a reality. My first task involves The January Cure from Apartment Therapy. I know me.  If I am not happy with the way my house looks, it will become a distraction. Before I wasted hours talking about what is wrong, become frustrated, I should act now. By getting my home into shape, get it clean, organized and under control right now, I will have no excuses to not concentrate on my plan. And frankly, the idea of the cure energized me.

Today, I decluttered two areas that were bothering me for months. They are not an eyesore anymore. I started my master bedroom decoration project. I neglected our master bedroom when we did the renovations to make room for our son-to-be. Now, that our son is almost 2 years old, it is about time that I look at ways to make our tiny master bedroom more stylish.

The first step was to add comfort by purchasing a new mattress this weekend. We choose the iComfort Genius by Serta. They delivered our new memory foam mattress at lunch. The bed linens are in the washer. After I published this post, I am on my way to replace our duvet cover. I can’t wait to sleep in our fresh bed tonight.

There are still many things to do to add coziness and style to my home. I really feel that, by end of the January cure, a lot of the things that we always push away will be done. What about you? Do you plan to improve  or redecorate your home this year?

BTW, I love this watch by Burberry. I wish that I checked if they carry it at the Burberry factory store when we went to Seagrass Mills last month.

  • Jo Ann
    January 8, 2013 at 17:34

    I used to do the same. Complain, but never really do anything about it.Last summer we began redecorating our Master Bedroom from scratch. (We also got a new mattress and I love it! I hope you enjoy yours,too.) We are almost finished with this room!
    For 2013, I plan to finally convert our daughter’s bedroom (she is out of college and married-LOL) to a proper guest room. I also want to redecorate the main upstairs bathroom. We also need to replace our front door. If I am very ambitious this year, I would like to convert my office space into a craft room space. Much more fun!