Find Calm Bedrooms at IKEA

calm bedrooms at IKEA

The Web site of IKEA has a new feature. For their latest worldwide campaign, IKEA features four Calm Bedrooms as an interactive catalogue.

A microsite showcase four styled bedrooms for women and couples. You see how people used the space through slow motion animations.

What is cool is that you can change angles and click on the furniture to get more information. I like that the new information opens another tab so I can still watch the film.

Four personas, four looks

Like I said earlier, the flash animations featured film clips in accentuated slow motion. The films tell the stories of a specific demographic group.

Each film is based on the same scenario that is repeated for 4 decors. Each film highlights first how a woman endured stressful situations during the day and is longing for her relaxing bedroom.

So whether you are looking for new bedroom furniture or not, I invite you to check out the Calm Bedrooms microsite. It is entertaining once you passed the alarm clock section. For my non technical readers, the alarm clock may seem long but the time is necessary to upload the flash animation.

For Canadians: Four calming bedrooms
For Americans: Four calm bedrooms
Via: IKEA, un catalogue virtuel! by Dominic Arpin

  • lucky designs
    February 14, 2008 at 11:05

    Ikea is getting ready to open in Cincinnati, OH – I can’t wait!

  • Murphy Bed Pro
    October 5, 2011 at 14:29

    No matter what we think about Ikea quality – the design and price seems to outweigh everything on the table, haha. Love it!