Feeling Festive and Green | Quick Links 2009.02.10

I received good news twice before 10 am so it is fair to say that I am feeling cheerful all day. My quick links reflect that state of mind.

dandelion clocks paaterns by sanderson :: fabrics and wallpapers

+ I adore the Dandelion Clocks patterns available in fabrics and wallpapers. I imagine this color palette will be soothing in a nursery. Sadly, this is produced by the renowned British brand Sanderson. Their product line does not seem to be available outside UK. I guess, we will have to put a trip to London in our agenda. Via Design Undercover and More Ways to Waste Time

venice\'s carnivale

+ The New York Times has a beautiful slide show about the Venice’s Carnavale. I wish to assist one day to that 10-day amazing event who kicks off on Valentine’s Day this year.

reusable cloth snack bags and food bulk bags plum creek mercantile

+ After the shopping bag, the next frontier of reusable bags is your lunch boxes. The reusable cloth snack bags at Plum Creek Mercantile featured patterns for adults and school children. For kids, the robots and the jumping frogs are cute. Buy individually or a set of 5 assorted bags for $25. Exists in small, medium and large.

+ Bulk Food Bags is another way to save bags at the grocery store. The clear window allows easy identification of the product inside and allows the bin number to be written with a grease pen or a dry erase marker and removed for continued use. $12 USD small, $18 for large bag

Read my next post to see what brought me joy today.