Fashionable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas at Oktak

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After beauty products, why not talk going out purses? Some women go crazy for shoes. I enjoy beautiful shoes but I prefer purses.

Every stylish woman should own at least a collection of purses to accessorize with her outfits. As I go to many cocktail events for business and pleasures, evening purses are a must for me.

New Going Out Handbag

My closet will host a new going out handbag soon. I like purses with a personality. Coriander, the latest pattern at Oktak seduced me. I selected the paprika color because bright colors are popular for summer 2008.

I bought my first going out handbag from Oktak last summer. The unique frame purse cleverly integrates the closing mechanism in the handle. I was surprised by how well it works. The design carries a feminine vintage vibe that I enjoy.

Besides style, the ideal night purse is big enough to carry your lipstick, a pen, a coin purse, a cell phone and one key on a key chain. The best one has room for a small camera. It sounds a lot but that it what I typically need when I go out.

Functional and Cute

Mothers can be fashionista too. If you mom harmonizes her handbag to her outfit on a daily basis, simplify her life. Getting her a few pouches for her makeup, pens and papers, store her bills will speed up the transfer of her things. Moreover, everything is easier to find when they are nicely organized.

The medium frame pouch is also available in the new coriander pattern. The frame pouch is perfect for carrying cosmetics, iPod, digital camera, cell phone and everything else that fits in your palm.

The zipper pouches are cute. A nice detail is the two glass beads attached to a leather cord. The eyeglass cases are adorable. I like their retro vibe, definitely designed for a woman.

The small frame pouch can be used as a coin purse or as a jewelry case. This can be handy when you go to the gym. You can create a set by matching some coin purses to a XL frame pouch (clutch) or a frame purse.

The Oktak bags are handmade. A Japanese girl named Aki Takada who lives in New York designed them. Since Oktak produces in small quantity, you will give something special to your mother.

Update May 3, 2008: I received my Paprika Coriander going out bag and it is lovely. I cannot wait to try it out. Great job Aki!

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: frame going out purses by Oktak – price: $65 USD
Buy online:  large zipper pouch – pink flowers on turquoise – price: $19.50 USD
Buy online:  medium frame pouch (square) by Oktak – raspberry coriander – price: $29 USD
Buy online:  eyeglass case by Oktak – pink blossoms on green – price: $30 USD
Buy online: mini frame pouch – spring blooms on green – price: $22 USD