Farmhouse Style Tableware at UK retailer Toast

terracotta plates, bowls and mug :: bistro cultery :: casale dinnerware at toast

Our quest for simpler living spaces triggers an appeal for contrasting textures in decoration. This technique enables us to recycle a part of our current décor instead of replacing everything.

This year, you can elevate the farmhouse style by adding a crystal chandelier over an old wood dining table. You can mix and match raw materials with stylish accessories or you can favor organic irregular dinnerware displayed on a traditional dining room.

Terracotta Dinnerware Collection

I fall in love with the tableware at Toast. The Terracotta collection is simply divine. It comes in 5 colors: olive, pumice, taupe, coral and charcoal. The muted glaze colors create a harmonious, relaxing feeling. The glossy glaze adds elegance to this handmade, irregular dinnerware series.

Bistro and Casale Tableware

The Bistro cutlery is timeless. I prefer the biscuit color. The limestone white Casale collection feels richer than pure white. I love them all!

If you want any of those, no need to plan a trip to the United Kingdom since they deliver worldwide. If you buy 7 items or more, it costs £45.00 for delivery in the United States and £65.00 for delivery in Canada.

+ terracotta large round bowl – £75
+ terracotta small bowl – £22
+ terracotta large mug – £25
+ terracotta large dinner plate at Toast– £34
+ bistro cutlery at Toast – £32 per 4-piece place setting
+ casale jug at Toast – £35