Family-Friendly Hi-Tech Scales: The Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 by Withings and their Smart Kid Scale

wireless scale ws-30 by withings

Technology touches every aspect of our life. Here is a company that makes our life better. Withings redefines how we use technology at home by creating smart products and smart phone apps to take care of yourself and your loved ones in a fun and innovative way. Because we reached swimsuit time, I taught that you might be interested by tools that can help you look and feel better on the beach.

Two years ago, my husband bought me the predecessor of the WS-50 scale because I was concerned at 9 months pregnant about how fast I would lose the pounds. Being a geek, he bought us something more than a scale. Jerome got the Wireless Scale WS-30. He bought us cutting edge technology that automatically tracks the weight, body mass index and fat-lean ratio of every member in our family.

This Internet-connected scale is a motivation tool. I followed my progression with nice graphs on my iPhone. I was happy when I reached my goal. I now use it to maintain my weight. The Smart Body Analyzer Ws-50 adds following your heart rate, the air quality inside your home and the support for over 60 partner apps that help you to get in shape or to lose weight. Athletes will be glad to know that they can adjust the fat mass measurement to their body type. The scale also alerts you if you are leaning too much.

smart body analyzer WS-50 by withings

I continue to love my WS-30 scale. Since we don’t have heart problems, I can not justify buying the newest model; especially since my old WS-30 works perfectly well. But I must admit that I am  tempted by the coolest Smart Body Analyzer. You can track up to 8 family members with the new scale. Both scales recognize each family members based on their readings.

A Baby and Toddler Scale

smart kid scale

For children up to 25 kg (55 lbs), Withings makes a well-thought, accurate Smart Kid Scale. The Baby Companion app does two important things for parents:

  • it tells you where your baby stands by comparing his weight with the typical weight of babies of the same gender and age.
  • you can use it to monitor your baby’s milk intake by logging bottles and breastfeeding.

smart kid scale toddler

For toddlers, the embedded Position Control technology helps your child have the correct body position when being weighed. So you can trust the readings you get. You can track up to 4 kids with the Smart Kid Scale. 

If you are looking for a scale that can help you improve your health and make your life easier, have a look at the scales by Withings.