Fabulous serving ware by REVOL

crumpled tumblers : breakfast :belle cuisine :  xs food by revol

I discovered a wonderful French porcelain maker today. I am not just showing you their vessel. REVOL targets the hospitality market which explains these amazing food presentations. Wow!

Since 1789 from Saint-Uze in France, the culinary ceramic maker REVOL draws its inspiration from the heart of the Rhone valley, famous for its wines and gourmet cuisine. The vessel they produce response to today’s culinary trends.

European products are often available in a vast array of colors. Les Froisses, translating into Crumpled Tumblers, is available in 14 colors. This 9-piece collection is used for hot beverages, appetizers, tapas, French fries and desserts this stackable tumblers.

Like I said in earlier, Breakfast dinnerware constitutes an under-used category. But maybe te stunning dishing seduced me. Anyway, Breakfast delivers the basic vessel for a stylish morning meal.

A novelty, the Belle Cuisine series delivers a cocktail terrine, a collection of 4 mixing bowls, an individual portion stew pot and more.

XS food responded to the mini-portion craze. REVOL offers more than 30 miniature creations designed for mises en bouche, little mouthfuls and delicacies, and condiments.

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