Eye-catching Tableware at Supermarket

pears by heather knight :: black bird on a tree bowl :: huge bowl :: blaue blume cake stand at supermarket

If you are looking for gift ideas for someone that has everything and who prefer unique pieces, stop by Supermarket, an online store featuring designer products. These gifts are true indulgence for someone special.

Although it was not the initial intent, I realized after I completed my montage that you could mix those as the basis for a one-of-a-kind Halloween party for grown ups. I imagine a surrealist party theme. They are many ways you can integrate those into a concept.

Fall Theme

The 6 ceramic pears are by Heather Knight @ Element Clay Studio. It is the same ceramic artist that I spoke this morning on my Etsy Finds. The pears have a soft waxy finish in soft green, yellow and red with a charming worn character.

From Bailey Doesn’t Bark, get the Black Bird on Tree Branch with Gold Dots Bowl for someone who enjoys coffee au lait or eats often on a bowl. You could buy a set of 4 or 6 and use those to serve candies or peanuts on Halloween or for autumnal party at the cottage.

Conversation Pieces

Cake created a 60’s inspired stoneware starburst decorative bowl that looks pretty amazing. The shadow effect adds drama. At $35, you do not have to think twice about this purchase. It is super cool! You can also check out the Felt Clock by Cake.

If you are looking for something that is clearly unusual, Undergrowth Design from London, UK created a line based on humor, sexiness and the elegance of lace textures. The Blaue Blume sweets and desserts stand will have your guests talking. If this idea pleases you, get the even more provocative Blaue Blume afternoon tea service tea set. Your lady tea parties will never be the same.

+ 6 Pears by Heather Knight @ Element Clay Studio – price: $125 USD
+ Black Bird on Tree Branch with Gold Dots Bowl by Bailey Doesn’t Bark – price: $42 USD
+ Huge Bowl by Cake – price: $35 USD
+ Blaue Blume sweets and desserts stand by Undergrowth Design – price: $249 USD

  • Judy Lazar
    November 10, 2008 at 12:50

    Where is the store Supermarket that is mentioned in the article”eye catching tableware”.