Eye Candy: Show-Off Picnic Food

picnic salmon croutes and asparagus

picnic salmon croutes and asparagus

With a long weekend both in Canada and in the USA, I thought that you might enjoy some inspirations for a picnic. Food presentation is everything. Transform a simple picnic into a wonderful affair by paying attention to the containers and the way you serve your meal.

show-off picnic food

It is cuter when the food is divided per portion. Wrap sandwich individually in greaseproof paper. Either pick a cocktail stick or tie it with a string to secure each sandwich.Vintage containers, like these enamel containers, add charms. Bring the crisps in individual bags. You will only have to toss the bags before serving to recoat the crisps with herbs and spices.

I can’t find you an online source for the recipes that were in the July 2011 issue of Olive. I subscribe to Olive magazine via Zinio. It is a British food magazine produced by the BBC.

+ photos: Alistair Hendy for Olive magazine – July 2011 issue