Extravagant Halloween Makeups of M·A·C Halloween Face-Off

exotic bird halloween makeup by fatima :: mac halloween face-off

exotic bird halloween makeup by fatima :: mac halloween face-off

You can not reproduce these Halloween makeups at home since it took 3 hours to professional makeup artists to complete these amazing looks. They realized their Halloween makeup transformations using their skills and creative minds, their extensive makeup kits, a mischievous mix of hair-raising hardware, wacky wigs and other perilous props.

futuristic solarization makeup by jenn :: mac halloween face-off

Still, looking at them can inspire you for an Halloween look. The exotic bird created by Fatima is stunning. But for some reasons, I would prefer to dress up as the futuristic girl with a twist on solarization and toxic colors.

joey's opulent halloween makeup :: winner of mac halloween face-off

M·A·C Halloween Face-Off was a promotional online competition held on Facebook and You Tube where three M·A·C Artists must improvise a look on a model. Watch the making of these makeups here. The winner of the M·A·C Halloween Face-Off was Joey. The public preferred his opulent face. What is your favorite one?

Halloween Makeups That You Can Do

stylish clown halloween makeups

For makeup ideas that can reproduce, look at my preferred MAC Halloween looks from 3 years ago and at these stylish clown and doll makeups. Sadly, M·A·C removed the instructions from their Web site.

+ photos: MAC Halloween Face-Off: Episode 2