Essentials for an Outdoor Party at the Beach

garden lanterns :: drink dispenser :: bbq chipwood basket :: portable charcoal grill at pottery barn and macy's

Summer is almost here so it is time to complete your outdoor entertaining kits. A Sunday afternoon at the beach, the park or the cottage with friends and family feels like heaven.

If the weather allowed, why not plan an outdoor party for Mother’s Day? After all, a day at the beach or the cottage encompasses joy, laughs and sharing a meal together.

A few outdoor entertaining accessories will make the day feels more special. I gather some cool stuff from Macy’s and Pottery Barn that your mother can reuse all summer long.

Gift Ideas

The Garden Party Lanterns at the top come with a 5 oz. bag of famous key lime cooler cookies.

Another solution for lighting that you can put on a table and hang is the colored tapered glass Pressick Lantern. Do not forget to buy the lantern stake sold separately if you want to hang the Pressick Lanterns. If you do not like these styles, there are 7 more models of candlelight lanterns and 3 string light lanterns at Pottery Barn.

The retro look of Acrylic Drink Dispenser captivates the imagination. These clear, blue, orange and green vessels are so useful for serving iced teas, cucumber mint water, punches and more. It is a must.

The BBQ Chipwood Baskets carry on the old restaurant style. Instead of complex barbecue equipment, travel light with a few stainless steel bucket-shaped charcoal grills.

If Mother’s Day is not sunny do not worry, you will be ahead for Father’s Day. When you plan an outdoor event, implement a plan B and think about how you will inform your guests about it.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Byrd Cookie Company Garden Party Lanterns with Cookies at Macy’s – on sale at $14.99 USD
Buy online: Pressick Lantern at Pottery Barn – price: $24-$34 USD
Buy online: Acrylic Drink Dispenser at Pottery Barn – price: $59 USD
Buy online: BBQ Chipwood Baskets at Pottery Barn – price: $12 USD
Buy online: Portable BBQ Grill at Pottery Barn – price: $39 USD

  • SuzyQ
    May 5, 2008 at 09:29

    Oh I love the drink dispensers!