Essential Toys to Bring when You Travel

discovery tote a day in the city by helicopter studios

Parents will ensure a peaceful holiday season if they plan ahead which toys to bring when visiting family and friends. This discovery tote cars designed by Helicopter Studios is amongst the best toy to bring. The tote comes with two cars but there is room to add more cars. Also look at A Day in the City tote that comes with 3 wood dolls and 3 skyscrapers. When folded, a 3 to 4 years old kid can carry it around.

activity cards by usborne children\'s book

A deck of activity cards can occupy kids whether you travel by plane, train or car. It also keeps your kids busy when you are at at restaurant. I saw those in actions last summer when the cousin of my husband brought a deck to a chic restaurant. It occupied her boys until they get their plates. Usborne Children’s Books, a British publisher, carries a wonderful collection for different age groups.

crayon roll by BloomWoosie

Lastly is the reliable pencil or crayon roll. I cannot imagine a parent not having at least set. Etsy is a great place to shop for rolls with unique patterns. Do not forget to carry an unlined notebook; it eliminates the need to ask for paper.

+ Discovery Tote Cars
+ Discovery Tote – A Day in the City $60 USD
+ 100 things for little children to do on a train £5.85
+ 50 things to do on a journey £5.85
+ Christmas doodles £5.85
+ Little Artist Crayon Roll 12 counts – Best Friends pattern $14 by BloomWoosie on etsy