Essential Small Serving Bowls for the Hostess

A quick way for the hostess to set up appetizers is to have easy access to unique small bowls. The bowls become your presentation. As long as you keep a few snack items in your pantry, you can receive in style impromptu visitors for a cocktail anytime. Two main categories of small serving bowls are available.

Stacking Small Cups

pretty small bowls by pigeontoe and LSA international

Using small bowls or cups has the advantage to be multi-purpose in the kitchen and on the table. I would like to own the stacking cups handcrafted by Pigeon Toe ceramics, a seller on Etsy. The 4 Stacking Thimble Cups Set comes inside an unbleached muslin bag to further highlight their organic, raw porcelain nature. Nea of Creativadoration with whom I share a love for handmade tableware spotted them first.

If you stay over for the weekend, you can be more generous. I enjoy the earthy spice colors of the glazed inside of the Zanzi bowls by LSA International. My favorite modern housewares in Boston, Lekker carries them.

Three-Part Server

setting up a tapas table and three-part server

The modern version of the classic triple-dipping does not look granny. Look for a three-part server with a central loop handle. You could head to Crate and Barrel or CB2 for an affordable version.

+ Stacking Thimble Cups Set $22 USD for set of 4
+ Pigeon Toe Ceramics
+ Zanzi bowls $52 USD for 4
+ Tokyo 4-part Server, the one with the olives – on sale at $14.95 USD at CB2
+ Three-Part Server $9.95 USD at Crate and Barrel
+ Get directions to Lekker Unique Home Furnishings p (617) 542-6464
1317 Washington St, Boston, Massachusetts, United States, 02118