Entertaining in style with the U+ collection by Umbra

Table Tools and Brella products by Umbra

I started buying Umbra home décor accessories when I was at university. My emotional connection with Umbra has survived through the years for photo frames. But I did not explore their latest accessories for a while.

That was until Brella and Table Tools

I never taught of Umbra for entertaining until I saw the Brella family designed by Michelle Ivankovic. This line of white and gold tableware mixes old and new styles.

The cake pedestal stand is made of high gloss ceramic base with 14 karat gold detail and clear glass lid. At $99, this is a chic but yet affordable cake stand.

Renowned British architect Will Alsop launched Table Tools, a set of cutlery which premiered at the Umbra Concept store in Toronto. This funky stainless steel flatware costs $40 CAD per setting.

I got more insights about Table Tools from a news report by Alfred Ng published on NowPublic.com. He went to a book signing session by Will Alsop earlier in June. The crowd powered media NowPublic.com is a Web 2.0 site where ordinary people around the world write the news.

The Ensalada family came first

ensalada bowl with servers designed by Mint for Umbra

When exploring the U+ collection, take a peek at the ensalada family designed by Mint of New York City. With one of these sets, you are sure to serve your salads in style.

The high-gloss translucent hand-blown double-walled glass serving bowl with two interlocking polished stainless steel serving utensils is beautiful. These glassware bowls are available in transparent white, red, black and smoke blue. The Ensalada bowl with servers is sold for $132 CAD. A larger bowl and a set of salad serving utensils complete the line.

About the finer U+ collection

Brella and Table Tools are part of the U+ collection. U+ is Umbra’s studio line, a unique collection of useful and beautiful objects to give or collect. The Brella family includes traditional style flower vases in three formats, a large and a small serving bowl, a cake pedestal stand and a photo frame. They all make great gifts from birthdays, housewarming parties or bridal showers.

Buy online: U+ collection by Umbra
Buy online: Brella vases, cake stand, bowls and photo frame by Umbra 
Buy online: Ensalada bowls ans salad servers designed by Mint for Umbra
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Learn more: Architect Will Alsop launch his first tableware in Toronto by Andrew Ng on NowPublic.com

  • gigi
    August 9, 2007 at 23:54

    that ensalada bowl is gorgeous!

  • Elaine
    September 16, 2007 at 20:37

    Dear Kim,
    I just got back from Fire Island, New York, for the weekend. The house we stayed at had UMBRA beach glass juice cups. I loved them. I’m hoping they also come in ice tea size glasses.
    Do you have any idea where I can get them?
    Thanks, Elaine

  • At Home with kim vallee
    September 16, 2007 at 22:45

    Elaine, the only glasses that I am aware from Umbra is the Delight Drinking that you can see here. Look at the tumbler here