Enjoying a breakfast at Le Cafetier in Sutton

Le cafetier de Sutton

A few weeks ago, we went to Sutton for the week-end. We ate breakfast at a nice café called Le Cafetier. There are a few ideas that you can recycle for when you have guests over. This post is about small discoveries I made while shopping.

1 | An old tool for serving tea

Le Cafetier serves the excellent teas from Camilla Sinensis, a tea house and boutique located in Montreal.

They bring an hour glass with each tea pot to check out the infusion time. It is a handy tea serving practice. It is so easy to duplicate it when you having friends over.

Hour glasses are sold as kitchen tools. But if you do not mind the plastic finish, you can even spare the expense. Simply dig into the boxes of the game boards you own. You will gather at least a couple.

2 | Delicious food

Since I am an avid lover of Egg Benedictine that is what I ordered. The Egg Benedictine at Le Cafetier is one of the most succulent I had the pleasure to eat in the last couple of years. Serving a homemade jam in an individual small bowl looks more stylish. You can find white porcelain bowls like these in China town for less than a dollar a piece.

3 | Beautiful Asian lanterns

Le Cafetier sells a few art and craft stuff. The silk fabric lanterns look incredible with the fabric taken several tints depending on the viewing angle. The colorful paper lanterns are simply joyful.

4 | Front Store of Atelier Bouffe

atelier bouffe à Sutton

On the same trip, I had to stop by Atelier Bouffe, a kitchen boutique to see the new stuff they have. I adore visiting this shop.

The front store done by the owner or manager really caught my eyes. The birch trunks and long branches look amazing. They stayed straight up without noticeable attachments. I think the result is creative and beautiful. If you have a cottage, this is a décor you can reproduce easily for a fall or winter party.

The two tables pictured at the front are a breakfast nook and a console table by Francois Fournier from Abercorn, QC. Francois specializes in fine woodworking.

5 | Beautiful tableware

Atelier Bouffe carries French table cloths. They look as impressive in silver and in gold. They will not pass unnoticed on your table. The Bistro paper napkins made the short lists for an upcoming party.

Le cafetier 9 Principale Nord, Sutton, QC J0E 2K0 | T 450.538.7333
Atelier Bouffe 14 Principale Sud, Sutton, QC J0E 2K0 | T 450.538.2766

  • kathy
    November 21, 2008 at 22:36

    YOu gotta be kidding…Le cafetier…the coffee tastes like weak mud…and those little porcelin bowls…I once had cream cheese there and when I got to the bottom of the bowl, I found a big clump of peanut butter….yunk

  • wow
    August 18, 2009 at 15:26