Eco-Friendly DIY Sandbox

diy covered sandbox oh dee oh

diy covered sandbox oh dee oh

If you have the space, a sandbox is wonderful backyard addition that can keep kids occupied for hours. It provides an instantly-accessible outdoor space for kids to build and create.

The builders of this DIY version – Carla and Jason of Small + Friendly – definitely thought outside the sandbox with the double-duty lid/deck design, and paid special attention to make it eco-friendly and safe for their son.

Not only is it built with salvaged wood, the hinged cover helps keep the sand free of environmental waste (like leaves and grass clippings). They also sealed the wood with low-VOC sealant so the mini deck is safe to play on.

What kid-friendly features would you like to add to your backyard?

+ Deluxe DIY Sandbox on Small + Friendly (via Oh Dee Doh)