Easy to Make Cocktail Recipes for Mother’s Day

pink drinks by saq :: strawberry smoothie and cape cod recipes

The Escape Cocktails by the SAQ is a good source for cocktail recipes. I select these 6 cocktails, either because they look girlie or should taste great. Select the one that will fit the taste of your mother or will pair the best with your menu.

+ You can start the brunch with a Strawberry smoothie that includes . After all, we need something that has no alcohol to fill up energy and vitamins. It contains apple juice, pineapple juice, strawberries, a banana, rose syrup and honey.
+ Then, you can sip a Sparkling rose made with vodka, cranberry juice, sparkling wine and a dash of vanilla extract.

Cranberry and Vodka Based Drinks

cranberry and vodka drinks :: recipe by saq

+ The Skyy Rosé is a rich, fruity cocktail. Its smooth taste comes from Skyy vodka, litchi juice, cranberry juice, a splash of 35% cream and one strawberry as garnish.
+ Cape Cod is a milder drink that you prepare with vodka, cranberry juice and tonic water. Garnish with 2 lemon wedges.

Dry Gin Cocktail Recipes

gin drink recipes by espace cocktails saq

+ The Mystery Martini refers to the old-fashioned herb liqueur since it is prepared with green Chartreuse. This is the stronger drink on my list. You will probably just serve no more than one per guest.
+ The Cucumber Collins adds style and a refreshing flavor to a classic drink. I like drinks with cucumbers. You start this drink by crushing cucumber slices with a muddler in a highball glass. For the rest, you prepare a classic Tom Collins and garnish with a cucumber spear.