Easy Halloween Pumpkins

happy Halloween pumpkins from Better Homes and Gardens

Carving pumpkins is great but we do not all have the talent of making complex design. And if you have young kids at home, they will prefer simpler images.

What you need our a few printable carving templates and stencils. You do not have to carve the pumpkins, you can simply paint a silhouette or do both.Then, you create a vignette to give life to your theme.

easy to do Halloween pumpkin stencils and carving templates :: better homes and gardens

I selected on Better Homes and Gardens 4 pumpkin decorating projects that anyone could do it without passing all day on the project. These cute pumpkins will not give nightmares to young kids. If you put your painted pumpkins outside, apply a varnish to protect the painted silhouette from the outdoor elements.

+ The Haunted Mansion pumpkin was realized by chiseling the windows of the painted mansion. Then, they added a moon behind. Get the haunted mansion template.

+ This is the happiest pumpkin. This interpretation of the cat pumpkin is girlie. Add a bow and ears to your drawing. Print first the Feline Stencil.

+ The creepy crow is a classic. Tufts of garden moss or ornamental grass help keep the pumpkin stable inside the birdbath. You can punch the eye of the black crow stencil.

+ I like the simplicity of the Spooky Spider Stencil with its luminous web. The lines of the web are carved just deep enough to let the glow of the candle shine through the pumpkin walls. pumpkin photo

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