Easter Mood Board

easter mood board in muted pastel colors

easter mood board in spring muted colors

Muted Spring colors may be the starting point for your Easter tabletop. I first discovered the invite, which seems to dictate a classic elegant look. But I prefer to create an unexpected design. The washi tape decorated vases crafted by Elizabeth Goodman of To be Charmed bring the simple, modern touch that I was aiming for.

Do not be afraid to throw an unexpected punch of colors. Here, the saturated Easter eggs take center stage. They were done using a different technique than the food coloring dyed Easter eggs. Pam of Gingerbread Snowflakes dyed her Easter eggs with Kool-Aid. She explained on her blog the dos and don’ts of using Kool-Aid to dye your Easter eggs. Expect best results with orange, lime, berry and strawberry flavors and a few misses.

Useful and Beautiful

gourmet tea tins as party favors

Look for elegant tea tins as a way to enhance your table design. You could display them in a long row as a part of your centerpiece vignette. It feels more special than the classic tea box.

+ Decorated Eggs invite on Evite
+ Counting Bunny Clock $30 USD by Decoylab on etsy
+ Color Easter eggs with Kool-Aid on Gingerbread Snowflakes
+ Vases with Japanese washi tapes on To be Charmed
+ Harvey & Sons Gourmet Tea Tins $30 for 4 boxes
+ Favor Tin with a Personalized Side Label with Polka Dots $20.30 for 10