Easter Menus from Magazines Back Issues for my Gastronomic Wednesday

triple berry crips from cooking light

I recycle or gave away my magazines after one year. This means I lose many recipes. This is where comes handy as it gave you the chance to find recipes from the back issues of specific magazines. You will find past recipes and menus from Real Simple and Sunset, which I read a few times when I visited California. features Time Inc. magazines and cookbooks. Besides Real Simple and Sunset, you get input from Cooking Light, Southern Living, Health, Coastal Living, and more. The site has the typical functions like shopping lists and bookmarking your favorite recipes.

Now, you can gave away your old issues to school so they can make craft project like a papier maché version or a collage on wood letter of the misprint word I shown you yesterday.

Easter Menu Ideas

I gathered four recipes from My that you be great for the traditional Easter family get-together.

traditional easter menu recipes

Do not worry, keeps up to date with new recipes. Last month recipes are also on the site but I thought it would be fun to revisit recipes that were published 5 or 10 years ago.