Easter Menu and Table Mood Board

mood board for easter

It has been a while since I published a mood board. I do not know why. Here is the first of many Easter table inspiration boards.

This year more than ever calls for good authentic food at Easter. That does not means that you cannot impress your guests with a surprise or two. From an old issue of Gourmet, you get the recipes to create a Trompe l’Oeil Egg Lemon Pudding served with Anise-Seed Cake Slices as trompe l’oeil toasts. This food presentation will be the pièce de resistance (meaning the best part) of your entire meal.

The Green Beans with Celery-Salt Butter is elevated when you serve them in an ornate plate.

Make your own party favor boxes that could be filled with cookies or chocolate. A Little Hut sells a make your own box template with a bunny, butterfly, egg or daisy cover.

Dressing a Casual Entertaining Table

To complete the look opt for sure tableware value. Buy classic products that you will use over and over. McLeod Coupe Salad Bowl is an indulgence with a style that is always in vogue.

Dress the table with a spring color tablecloth. I selected the Lemon Jacquard tablecloth in lime. If you prefer a bright color, opt for the yellow. Stay simple for your centerpiece. Look how great a bowl filled with lemons or limes put next to tall vase with branches can look. Everything is in how you present it.

+ Trompe l’Oeil Egg: Lemon Pudding recipe on Gourmet
+ Trompe l’Oeil Toast: Anise-Seed Cake recipe on Gourmet
+ Spring boxes designed by Patricia Zapata for A Little Hut $4.99 pdf template
+ Green Beans with Celery-Salt Butter – Recipe by Maggie Ruggiero
+ McLeod Coupe Salad Bowl $129 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Lemon Jacquard tablecloth in lime $79-$99 USD at Williams-Sonoma

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