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Double-Take: a retrospective of Bettina Forget’s paintings

bettina forget\'s double-take retropective

To make your dinner party more special, think about adding a little field trip.

Tips on how to entertain your guests

Visiting a small art exhibition in a private gallery forms an ideal activity because it does not take too long. They occur all the time so you get no problem finding one at the last minute.

You can invite your friends for a casual dinner at your place or if it is still early, stop for a drink at a cool bar before dining.

The secret of a great event is to have several activities and moving around. When you do that, you always feel that the night was more exciting. Plan for activities that are nearby and that are easily accessible by everyone.

If you invite people who do not know each other, the opening activity acts as an ice breaker. The conversation will be livelier at dinner.

About the Double-Take exposition

Bettina Forget is an adorable talented artist. We went to her latest vernissage last Wednesday. I mixed pictures taken by my husband with some of her own to give you an idea. If you are looking for more significant Christmas gifts, consider paintings. For collectors and home décor fans, paintings can be at the top of their wish lists.

For this retrospective of her work, Bettina Forget has selected pairs of paintings from her various series dating from 2000 – 2007. Featured are paintings from her Weather Diaries, Helios Series, We are Stardust Series, and the Neutron Star Series. The exposition is held until Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at Visual Voice Art Gallery.

Visual Voice Art Gallery
372 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Suite 421
Montreal, QC
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Bettina rents the front section of her studio to other artists so they can expose their art works. If you want to easily keep track of the vernissages at her gallery, Bettina has a group on Facebook.

Learn more: Visual Voice Art Gallery
Blog: Inside the Artist’s Studio – blog of Bettina Forget

  • Bettina Forget
    December 1, 2007 at 15:25

    Thank you Kim, for your kind words.
    As an additional idea for your readers, before they head out to visit a small gallery they could arrange for the exhibiting artist to be present for the visit and get a tour of the art exhibit. It’s always nice to have some additional background info about the art on display, and artists are usually more than happy to share with visitors what inspired them to create their art.