Doing Moguls, at last!

kim vallee at the top of exil glade at Mont Sutton

kim vallee at the top of exil glade at Mont Sutton

I am pretty excited by my day so far. My husband and I went skiing. The weather was wonderful. And the ski conditions were great, considering the lack of snowfalls that we experienced lately.

But the reason my day was amazing is that I started to ski like I used to. I gained back my speed when I tackled steeper groomed slopes. The high of the day came when I did moguls. I am still very careful so I do them at a slower pace and without attacking the moguls but I did it. It felt great! You see, moguls are my favorite activity when I ski. After my ski accident in 2007, there were many times when I believe that I could not do that again. My surgeon and my sport doctor were both cautious and told me to not count of that. But I told them that I would do it again. I am so happy!

My husband filmed me going down the Exil glade at Mont Sutton. It is short. It gives you a feel of what I am talking about.