DNA as Artwork with DNA 11

dna11 dna portraits

If you are looking for a special gifts for a wedding or to give to your man this Holiday, I suggest sometimes pretty amazing. Who knows that your genetic codes can be so beautiful?

Your DNA transforms into artwork canvas. From your genetic code, they will create a unique piece of art. This art form is a wonderful way to immortalize the essence of someone dear to you.

dna11 finger portraits

DNA 11 was launched in 2005 in Ottawa. There was a CSI:NY episode where the DNA artwork was part of the storyline. It is a cool way to bring a part of yourself into your house.

dna11 kiss portraits

Select between the DNA portraits, the FingerPrint Portraits or the pop-art style of the Kiss Portraits. You can customize the background to for your décor.

+ DNA Portraits – Starting at $389 CAD, mini DNA portraits at $187 CAD
+ FingerPrint Portraits – starting at $190 CAD
+ Kiss Portraits – Starting at $289 CAD

  • Annie
    December 2, 2008 at 22:05

    What a unique art form! Takes me back to my undergrad major of microbiology…

  • Jerome Paradis
    December 2, 2008 at 22:33

    Thanks for making me think of these again.
    I’m such a geek, I’ll probably succumb some day sooner day later.