DIY Kraft Paper Sketch Pad

Kraft Paper Wall

Kraft Paper Wall

Though a chalkboard wall can be extremely useful as a family message center, a revolving menu or a catchall for inspirational ideas, they can also look messy and cause a mess as a result of all that chalk dust. Not to mention that chalkboard walls are walking the fine line of being overdone.

The DIY Kraft Paper Sketch Pad is smart idea from Sarah.Wandering as an alternative. She cleverly rigged rolls of inexpensive kraft paper on a curtain rod to provide a clean canvas for ideas, schedules and sketches. Best of all, when you need to tidy the room – or your thoughts – you can tear off the paper and start anew.

Check out all the details on Sarah.Wandering.

+ DIY Kraft Paper Sketch Pad from Sarah.Wandering
  • Charlotte
    January 4, 2011 at 23:55

    J’en ai vu dans le restaurant Cuisine dépendance sur St Laurent. C’est magnifique.