DIY Advent Calendar Idea Using Kitchen Tools

Bakeware Advent Calendar

Bakeware Advent Calendar

Advent began on the 1st of December, but if you haven’t created a calendar for the countdown to Christmas here are two easy and adorable options using tools from your kitchen.

Turn a baking or cooling rack into a colorful display for photos and notes. Use stickers, wrapping paper or even old Christmas cards to create special sentiments for each day in December. Tie them to the cooling rack using pretty ribbon or – better yet – baker’s twine.

A muffin tin is the perfect receptacle for sweet treats. Whether you choose a mini or full size pan, be sure to use a 24-count pan to countdown every day leading up to Christmas. Alternatively, you could use a 12-count pan to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. Magnets are decorated with stickers and decorative wrapping paper to cover each cup.

Both are easy projects that require minimal effort but deliver a daily dose of holiday delight.

+ Cooling Rack Advent Calendar from Kerry Barker at Two Peas in a Bucket
+ Muffin Tin Advent Calendar from OZ-somestamps