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Dishing Tips for Slow-Scrambled Eggs

slow scrambled eggs top with prosciutto

I love well-prepared scrambled eggs but too often they are rush. That is why I am thrilled by three recipes I found on the LA Times.

You get a recipe that mix freshly cut herbs, crème fraiche and Jack cheese amongst other things. Chefs often top the eggs when they plate the dish. David Lentz deposits a salad made with more herbs and a little lemon vinaigrette to finish up his Tweety scrambled eggs. Nothing can be simpler and tastier.

For a brunch, simply spread the scrambled eggs on toasted slices of rustic bread topped with a slice of prosciutto. You can even convert the recipe in finger food, which would add a twist to your brunch.

+ Slow-cooked scrambled eggs with bottarga – recipe by Judy Rodgers
+ Slow-scrambled eggs with prosciutto
+ Tweety scramble recipe by David Lentz of Hungry Cat
+ Image by Eric Boyd for Los Angeles Times [For luxury that’s worth the wait]