Discover Wood, a light meal collection by French designer Caroline Gomez

Wood Limoges porcelain collection designed by Caroline Gomez

French people treat cooking as an art. But it is not just food that is the subject of their studies. Take for example Caroline Gomez; she surrounds her art around the ways and customs of eating.

Rethink the tableware via the Wood Collection

Light meals and healthy large snacks are popular meals but you find only a small amount of dishes specifically made for them. Caroline Gomez designed her Wood collection to fill that gap. When you are eating a light meal or a large snack, chances are that you do not set a formal table. You are often on the move. You probably share the food casually with your mates in the living room or the terrace.

The Wood collection has 4 handmade products: a glass, a plate, a bowl and a tray. Caroline Gomez found a way to recycle peeler shavings and other wood rejects. But the collection is all white. Beautifully hand craft with imprints of real wood pieces, the Wood product range is made of white Limoges porcelain with a glazed interior and a satin exterior finish.

Throwing an happening

She often devises happenings and culinary shows in France where you can experience new dimensions of eating. But you can do your own version of a culinary happening.

When you entertain at home, think outside the box when you are planning your dinner or cocktail party. Challenge the established eating habits. Set up a food photo gallery, gather vintage dinnerware, schedule a book reading where eating plays an important role. You see, it is not hard to create your own culinary happenings.

Host a Japanese or Spanish/Portuguese Picnic for a change of scenery

For one of her culinary expositions, Caroline devised a 24 hour picnic with four scenarios: the brunch picnic, the bento snack, the tapas and a chic picnic. These are great ideas to steal for your own themed picnic.

24 hour picnic exposition by Caroline Gomez

Wikipedia says about bento the following:

Bento is a single-portion takeout meal common in Japanese cuisine. Bento can be very elaborate, aesthetically pleasing cuisine arrangements. Often the food is arranged in such a way as to resemble other objects: dolls, flowers, leaves, and so forth.

You do not have that elaborate for your own bento picnic but you can stimulate the effects by adding none cosmetic accessories. Or you can order stuffs from a sushi shop or a Japanese restaurant. Tell them that you want an assortment of decorated food pieces for a bento style picnic.

For the tapas picnic, serve in glasses a refreshing gazpacho soup, sardines, ceviche, corn chips and salads. Drink sangrias. You can mix cultures and cuisine from Latin countries. Plan colorful tableware and have fun under the sun.

I discovered Caroline by reading siagrafica, a blog by a 28 year old girl from Amsterdam. Sia presents us fun and beautiful things. She likes to talk about music. She is the one that introduced me to Room Eleven. Have a look at her blog.

Porcelain: Wood Collection on Caroline Gomez Web site
Via: Caroline Gomez – Olivia Ruiz published on siagrafica blog

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