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liqurious :: cute summer sake bottle with goldfish

Tired of always serving the same old Cosmopolitan to your friends? You need to get inspired on how to serve drinks or dig cocktail recipes. The latest site by Jean of NOTCOT / Tastespotting is here to help you with fresh ideas.

Done with the same frame than Tastespotting, Liqurious is dedicated to drinks instead of food. I learned about it last Friday but waited until I see some traffic actions on my blog statistics. Now it does.

I submitted my Guitar Hero cool cocktail ideas post over the weekend. A few of my previous cocktails stories where migrated as well.

Cold Sake

I became a fan of cold sake since I ate at Gonpachi during my trip to Los Angeles last winter. Cold sake tastes so much better than warn sake in my opinion.

I dug on Liqurious this Cute Summer Sake Bottle with a Goldfish illustration by Shoutoku Brewery. The bottle would be adorable for a party. Sadly, this seasonal sake product is only available in Japan as far as I know.

Liqurious is a must-stop destination for anyone who likes to throw parties. Check it out!

  • kati
    June 19, 2008 at 15:50

    I just discovered liqurious yesterday and I love it. It helps to ease the grief of losing Tastespotting.