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Dinner at Laloux with Jennifer of Design Hole

laloux_restaurant_dessertsI got the pleasures to meet Jennifer of Design Hole while she came in Montreal to celebrate her birthday with her husband.

We read each other blogs and we communicate through Facebook. It was fun meeting face to face. A lot of fabulous restaurants are closed on Sunday. Since she and her husband are foodies, I suggest that we eat at Laloux, a French Bistro in Montreal.

The first course

We all enjoyed a delicious meal. Everything was plated. We like it so much that we forgot to take pictures until the desserts. For the appetizers, our table selected:

  • Scallop Carpaccio, lime and avocado vinaigrette, fennel, radish and mujjol caviar
  • Smoked squash soup, maquerel, oven dried tomato, glazed onions, marinated mushrooms
  • Tomato broth soup with fresh basilic.

The main course

For the main dishes, it looked like a girl menu versus a boy menu. Jennifer and I opted for the delicious Roasted monkfish, white beans, chorizo, crunchy fennel and green olives. I would like to prepare my own version of this recipe when I am having friends over.

Our husband were happily seduced by the Beef short rib from Eumatimie farm served on top of aligot potatoes, roots vegetables stew and horseradish milk foam. Both dishes satisfied us.

The dessert course

Take notes on how the Chocolate pot-de-crème, caramel and Maldon salt is served in a Mason jar. This is something you can do for any types of verrines.

Jennifer had the Pear sorbet, Araguani chocolate cream, chocolate crunch and caramelized pear purée with single malt whisky. The presentation was artistic. Honestly, visually it was not what you expect when you read the description.

I wanted to try something new. So I picked the Litchee granité, white chocolate and yogurt cream, grapefruit, Campari and hibiscus. It was divine with a green tea.

In conclusion

I was a while since I ate at Laloux restaurant before last Sunday. Since everyone was happy with their meal, you can put it on your list for the next time you visit Montreal.

Appetizers average at $9 CAD (from $5 to $19 for foie gras), the main courses cost about $25 and all desserts are at $8.

You can read Jennifer’s husband review of Hotel Gault where they stayed on his blog Hotel Hallways. Arthur gave an excellence award to Hotel Gault. You can see a picture of Jennifer, who did not want to be photographed and the huge snowfall that we got on Monday. Jennifer is also having Montreal design review on her blog.

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Via: Weekend in Montreal Part 1: The Hotel Gault by Design Hole

  • Jennifer
    December 6, 2007 at 14:38

    I don’t mind having my picture taken – as long as you have Photoshop! I put one of us together on my post about our dinner together. Send me a photo of your staircase! And thanks again for everything.

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