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As I read the outline of this amazing culinary event integrating art and design every steps of the way, I felt some envy for the NOTCOT team that went to Monkeytown for the Dine on Design event.

I wrote down this address for my next visit on the Big Apple. Monkeytown is in Brooklyn, New York.

The most intriguing is the Back Screening/Dining Room where Monkeytown hosted performances with a meal. The back dining room has 4 large screens connected to a surround sound for multimedia performances. Communal seating for 50 persons adds warmth to the place.

Ultimate Integration Of Design And Performance In A Meal

Dine on Design paired dining and design in short-lived gastronomic events where designers, artists, chefs and performers are able to present new and event specific work in a dynamic setting.

Performances change all the times like an exhibit. The one that NOTCOT attended lasted 3 nights in May.

I do not want to say too much; I left the honor to NOTCOT. But I will give you a hint about how cool and unique the food presentation was. The bread was served as a lampshade designed by Kimberly Hu. She imagined a lighted ice cream scoop to dish the smoked sea salt butter. Other items were humorous like the tablecloths/bibs.

I love too much tableware to not mention this plate with a removable bowl designed by Daina Platais. This is a great piece for entertaining.Unfortunately, I did not find the plate and bowl set on the Web site of Daina Platais.

By readings the report by NOTCOT, you will discover that every detail from tableware to the food plating has an artistic twist. The 8-course menu sounded tasty too. I wish I could have been there.

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Learn more: Dine on Design at Monkeytown – May 16 to 18,2008
Via: ICFF: Dine On Design- 06.15.08 [NOTCOT]

  • Vanille
    June 18, 2008 at 05:38

    Hi Kim ! Thanks for sharing pictures of this great event with us ! I wish I could say next year I did it ‘at Down Under’ !