Derivations on the Lilac Flowers

lilac flower arrangements :: green anastasia chrysanthemums :: fuchsia gerberas

As promised Saturday, I composed a few simple buffet table centerpieces using lilac flowers as the backdrop.

These bouquets are really easy to do since they only involved cutting flowers at the right height and gather them nicely. But before you select the height, you must have a plan in your mind and determine the position of every flower.

The Concept

Lilac trees produce classical flowers. These flower arrangements would be perfect for an English tea party. My tree produces the paler shade. I stopped by the florist yesterday to pick up a few flowers to add contrasts in colors and textures.

I tried to modernize the look of an old-fashioned flower. To achieve my goal I bought three fuchsia gerberas, three green Anastasia chrysanthemums and another flower that I forgot the name.

Since I did not want the lilac to be the focal point, I used them as a bed. I also used two very different vases but make a similar arrangement in both of them. The two bouquets would have textures and heights to a buffet table.

Everyday Objects as Vases

I also put to the test the New York magazine suggestion to use everyday objects as vase. I used a pewter beer glass that I bought in Germany as a vase. My husband made a great comment about that choice.For now on, my pair of pewter beer glasses has a new function.

The blooming season of the miniature lilac tree on my backyard is coming to an end. My dining room is filled with their delightful scent. I am just sad that the lilac flowers were not at their prime for this experiment.

Still I am happy by the results. Since I used several flowers from my backyard, I only spent $30 for my flowers. Therefore even if I shop at a premium flower shop, I more than meet the $50 challenge.

+ The $50 Deli-Flower Challenge by New York magazine