Delightful Treats at Pinkberry

kim eating a green tea frozen yogurt

This place tastes as good as it looks. The menu is simple: three frozen yogurt flavors with a topping counter. Adding one or many fresh fruit toppings enhance this healthy treat.

I heard of the cool concept of Pinkberry but I never tasted yummy yogurt until yesterday.

After a tasting, I am fond of the three flavors: original, green tea and the latest addition, pomegranate. Pinkberry caters real, nonfat frozen yogurt with live and active cultures.

pinkberry toppings

Pinkberry is the creation of Shelly Hwang, an entrepreneur, and the architect Young Lee. They opened their first store in 2005 in West Hollywood. From business partners, they become a couple. (I cannot tell you if they still are a couple).

The Decor

pinkberry interior details

I sat on an orange Philippe Starck’s Victoria Ghost chair but I prefer the banquette. Lee went for Le Klint lamps because they evoke the swirls of the frozen yogurt. The flower wall is stunning. On a bookshelf, they display Alessi kitchenware and tableware. They serve as décor that you can bring home since Pinkberry sells them. Overall it is so fun to go to Pinkberry that I plan to go one more time before leaving LA.

  • Jenn Lee
    January 19, 2009 at 08:51

    I heard great things about Pinkberry, and the decor seems so cute. Have one for me 🙂


  • Sandra Office Furniture
    October 2, 2009 at 03:14

    That frozen yogurt looks stunning we used to have shops here that made and sold the stuff but we no longer have these little shops and they really were the best.