Delicious Soaps and Urchin Vases | Etsy Finds

natural handmade soaps on etsy :: urchin bowls by Heather Knight Ceramics

You can dress up your powder room with handmade soaps. It is an inexpensive way to decorate.

Simple Rules for When You Are Entertaining

Simply pay attention to the way you present the soap bars to make it attractive. Be imaginative with the container that will hold your extra soap bars. If you put a similar soap bar, people will know they can use the extra bars when needed.

If you host a big party, you can add a place card that says Feel free to use next to your pile. Also prepare a basket with rolls of toilet papers. This way, you do not have to check during the party if there is enough toilet supply.

5 fabulous finds on Etsy

+ With tasty names like Japanese Mango and Caramel Apple, Lisa Salamida of savor is a soap maker who focuses on high quality bases, essential oils, fragrance oils and additives.

+ Exotic looks are all the rage this autumn. The Pomegranate Perfection Soap almost looks to good to be used. I will keep then as a décor element this season. This is one of their best sellers. It is made with 100% all natural Pomegranate juice.

+ Bring nature into your bathroom with the Tumbled Turquoise Rock Soap by Amethyst Soap

+ Heather Knight is the artistic brain behind Element Clay Studio on Etsy. She produces ceramic bowls and vases inspired by nature. She produces amazing urchin bowls. Her atomic bowls are on sale at $50 each; they are available in white, lime green and turquoise. Photos by Michael Traister – rights reserved.

+ Set of 3 urchin bowls by elementclaystudio – price: $125 USD

  • Nathalie Rivard
    September 23, 2008 at 15:47

    I love the Tumbled Turquoise Rock Soap. WOW! I want some for home.

    The Urchin bowls are also quite impressive.

  • folk
    October 24, 2008 at 04:38

    Natural Handmade soaps are bliss in otherwise polluted life. I have been using Lass Cosmetics – Radianta – Almond & saffron goat milk soap with almonds since last 6 months and I must tell you all that it has brighten my skin tone and radiance. Give it a try! These guys have so many other soaps … & they are all natural and handmade!!!

  • Sam
    April 30, 2009 at 16:50

    See another porcelain urchin here

    which came first I wonder