Delicious Hand Made Sea Salt Caramels

hand made caramels by little flower candy co.

Great caramels are divine. My husband and I love the taste of freshly made artisan caramels. I spot those while I visited the new Heath Ceramics store in Los Angeles.

I bought a quarter pound bag for $7. After tasting a few, it is clear that Little Flowers Candy Co. makes the most delightful caramels. The candy maker and owner Christine Moore’s caramel recipe contains 5 simple ingredients: cream, milk, sugar, corn syrup and sea salt. If you try making candy before, you know that the difficulty rests in the execution.

If you are looking for an inexpensive hostess gift, you cannot beat buying a bag of Little Flowers Candy Co.’s caramels. They are sold in quarter pound, half a pound and a pound clear cellophane bags tied with a red bow. A second flavor is vanilla caramel, where you replace the sea salt for vanilla in the ingredient list.

These caramels are distributed in specialty shops across a dozen US states. You can also order them online and visit their store in Pasadena.

+ get directions to Little Flower Candy Co p 626.304.4800
1424 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, California, United States, 91105