Defining Spaces with the Autumn Bookcases by David Sanchez

autumn bookcase designed by david sanchez for domodinamica

Putting a rusted finish metal bookcase in your living room may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the organic shelving is really awesome. The picture shows 3 bookcases side by side. This is the perfect example of the style of bookcases that you can use to separate spaces.

Many new homes and condominium units miss a clearly defined entry hall. It is unfortunate since the entryway is the first impression to someone’s home. It does not feel right to great your guests on what is your living room or the dining room.  I imagine one or two units to create an entrance for the great room in a condo.

1950\'s modern divider - photo by filifjonkan on flickr

This is not a new concept. Look at this 1950’s divider that separate the entryway from the living room. I like this aesthetics.

Going back to the Autumn bookcases, the rust effect is obtained through an hand-treated and lacquered process. David Sanchez designed it for the Italian modern furniture brand Domodinamica.

+ Autumn bookcases by Domodinamica
+ features of this apartment on hoom-sthlmFilijonkan on Flickr

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    Defining spaces for your entryway: an interior design lesson inspired by the Autumn Bookcases by David Sanchez http://bit.ly/s4wNP

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