Decorate Your Kitchen with the Fashion “It” Colors


Whenever you decorate a room, buy furniture or appliances, one big question is: Which color to choose? Knowing what are the colors of the moments can make all the difference. For one thing, you will able to accessorize with the same colors. The idea is to keep your shopping simple while creating a fresk look.

When it comes to the latest color trends, I turn to a trusted source by designers: Pantone. I usually explore the Pantone Fashion reports and the Pantone Home & Decor report. Fashion colors are updated twice a year. It provides an indication of which colors will stick around the longest?

photo credits: Pantone Fashion color report fall 2012

You probably already have an idea for the neutrals that you wish to use. The big question marks arise with the accent colors. They are many surfaces where you can inject colors. Remember to think 3D when you design your room. Before making any decision, answer a few questions. How do you want to feel when you are in the room? Who will use most the room? At what time of the day?

Couples who like cooking together could bring a his and hers feel to their kitchen by skillfully balancing a French Roast with hints of Olympian Blue and Pink Flambé. Colors that will stand the test of time are Olympian Blue, Ultramarine Green, Bright Chartreuse and Honey Gold. You always see them use in different tints, shades or tones.

Tones (greyed down colors) are what you will see in 2013. As expected, the Pantone Fashion report for Spring 2013 is less bold. It reflects more the home decor colors that I have seen so far for 2013. Colors that are great to decorate with are Lemon Zest, Sunflower, Graded Jade, Poppy Red and Monaco Blue.

photo credits: Pantone Fashion color report Spring 2013

A Balancing Act

bluestar range in red
photo credits: BlueStar

As long as you balance it with neutrals and carefully place it, a bright color will not overpower your kitchen. The center panel of half of my pale wood Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are tinted a rich red. Everything else is neutral and red is my only accent color. I love it!

Many would prefer to punch their design with small items. BlueStar offers you an unique option with their colorful range knobs. They can complement backsplashes, floor tile and seasonal decorations without a big commitment. You can change the color of the BlueStar knobs with the season – or as often as you’d like.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BlueStar, the maker of pro appliances for gourmet cooks. Each range is fully customizable with an almost infinite combination of burner configurations, colors and sizes. Their pro-quality gas ranges are available in more than 190 colors that align with the latest and greatest seasonal trends.

bluestar ranges