Death Star Pumpkin and Sci-Fi Jack-O-Lanterns

death star pumpkin :: cylon :: gollum :: re jack-o\'-lantern

If you live with teenager boys, a sure way to get them interested in helping you to carve pumpkins is to go with a science fiction theme.

Let them reproduce their favorite character, robot or space ship. Wired magazine runs last year a contest. The big winner was a Death Star Pumpkin carved by the super talented Noel Dickover of Centerville, Virginia.

If you wish to make your own, Noel published a tutorial on how to carve the Death Star from Star Wars. I am impressed! Technically, The Death Star is a hybrid between a pumpkin carve and a pumpkin sculpt. Allow between 4 to 10 hours to make it.

Other favorites were a Cylon Jack-O-Lantern, a Gollum, and a R2 Jack-o’-lantern.

+ Wired
+ FantasyPumpkins.com
+ Via Shak In Style

  • Josyan
    October 22, 2008 at 13:30

    The geek in me thinks this is really really cool! Will forward to my boyfriend immediately! MTFBWY