Day Beds and Furniture for cats all set for design conscious owners

Day Beds and Furniture for cats :: crown,scarlet, harry, divanIf you have pets at home, you know that like living with children pets need toys and beds to be happy. But let’s face it; what you get from the pet shops is not stylish to say the least.

If you spend a lot of time and money designing your interior, this can ruin your entire design scheme. Who wants to entertain guests with ugly cat stuff lying around?

A stylish modern brand

I dug up by reading Design Milk yesterday something wonderful for cat lovers. Do you love cats and great design? is the first thing you read when you visit cat-interiors.de, a venture by one talented married couple.

This German designer team creates a line of products which are well thought out with cats in mind and which can be integrated into any modern living environment.

Launched in 2004, Cat Interiors deals with high end products. You got great looking design, top quality materials and an attention to details like using cushion filling with special non-allergenic flaked latex mixture optimized for cats.

Cat Interiors offers a third choice beside felt and leather, it is natural shade wicker. The rattan wickerwork is colored with environmentally-friendly, water-based lacquer.

Cat Bed Collection

The cat day beds by Cat Interiors are fabulous. Five basic designs form the DAY BED collection. SCARLET and ARENA are the latest addition to BOWL, CROWN (fitted in each case with a cozy cushion), DIVAN (designed as a large cushion). HARRY is the same as SCARLET but in larger size.

The RONDO Stand with felt cover (see: green fleece and red cushion) is $1005 USD (739 euros). The felt cover of the RONDO Stand is 100% pure wool. The standing base made from brushed stainless steel is designed so that there is no danger of RONDO tipping over, even when used by larger, heavy cats. Add $136 (100 euros) for a black or brown leather cover.

You can buy extra covers to change the look or to replace a scratched one. RONDO EDITION is a printed Ornament Cover. Very chic looking.

Inside the stand, your cat can lay comfortably on a special molded upholstery foam cushion. The cushion cover made of brushed felt wood can be washed in the machine.

RONDO Stand with felt exterior by Cat Interior RONDO Stand with leather exterior by Cat Interior

You can install several RONDO on the walls to build an amusement park for your cats. My husband always wanted to do that. RONDO walls cost $678 USD (499 euros) with a felt exterior. I need to find a wall first.

If your budget does not allow this expense right now, for less than $11 USD, you can get a nice felt cat toy for your cat.

+ DAY BED cat collection and RONDO collection at cat-interiors.de
+ Via Starlet Bed on Design Milk

  • bea at La tartine gourmande
    June 25, 2007 at 13:07

    This is making me want to have cats and dogs even more. If only my little hubbie said YES!

  • At Home with kim vallee
    June 25, 2007 at 14:27

    Béa: A few facts to help you convince your hubbie.
    If you go out for the week end, you can leave your cats by themselves with the right equipment. Dogs need to be walked twice a day. That is one of the reason we have cats.

    When you have two, they keep each other company during the day. Most cats are affectionate. Some cat breeds like to play even when they are adults. The best thing is to research the breeds and to decide together which ones have the characteristics you are looking for.

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