David Rocco Helps Ontario Students Hit The Cookbooks

Ontario Students Hit The Cookbooks with David Rocco and Dalton McGuinty

After the initiatives of Jamie Oliver to improve the food quality in the British school system, David Rocco uses its charm and skills to inspire kids to eat well.

This is a matter that I value deeply. Eating well is not simply about losing excessive weight. It is more importantly about giving the right nutriments to your body. I strongly believe that food can keep you stay healthy. I wish for a long and healthy life.

Pilot Project

The prime minister of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty just launched a pilot project at four schools in Brampton, Kingston, North Bay and Guelph to improve the eating habits of the young population and their families.

Many of us will envy the lucky students. They met, cooked and had lunch with David Rocco at an Ontario farm. The idea is to teach these teenagers how to cook by using fresh, locally grown ingredients. The meals will be based on David Rocco’s recipes.

Couscous Salad with orange juice and blueberries

You can check a video done for the launching the pilot project. The video is too long, especially the end. But some parts are fun. Let’s say that it was produced for a government and not for TV. I included the video so you can have a look at the couscous recipe.

While doing some researches, I learned that David Rocco’s Dolce Vitae series aired in about 100 countries. It was time that the series arrived in Quebec. Note that the series is called Italissimo in Quebec.

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