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This is my daily collection of interesting stuff that I saw on the Web.

+ I am a fan of Pam’s floral arrangements since her beginning on the blogosphere. As promised, Pam published the pictures of her newly opened eclectic home decor and floral store Ink and Peat. Image from the talented Portland photographer John Valls. Via Housemartin

+ Get inspired by the way this pizza was set up by food stylist Paul Lowe the next time you have a pizza night. You can find it online on his agent’s Web site, Vivian Artists. Via Sweet Paul

+ With the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it seems appropriate to present a Chinese recipe. I like the vivid colors of this Sweet and Sour Pork dish. Via Rasa Malaysia

+ An adorable 2009 Eco-Chic Desk Calendar designed by San Francisco artist, Cat Seto is available for $23 at See Jane Works. Via I Heart Luxe

+ Read the story of a couple team of interior designers who get all of their materials from garage sales and flea markets in Maine on the New York Times. Linda Wary and John Meyers found a beautiful simple Swedish wood basket that costs only $12.

+ Your guests feel more comfortable when you place the trash can and the towel paper canister well at sight. So favor models that are as cute as those ones. Unfortunately, I have no clues on the brand or where to find it. Via Small Space Style

  • Veracocha
    September 25, 2010 at 10:29

    Those food look so lovely,I just buy some simple for my daughter