Daily Quick Links | 2008.08.04 edition

quickdailylinks20080805This is my daily collection of interesting stuff that I read via my RSS feeds or that I saw on the Web.

+ A one-of-a-kind hammock designed by Karin van Lieshout in collaboration with Rachel van Outvorst. It took an immensible amount of work to produce this handmade hammock. Their monkish work also includes several pendants, a huge chandelier and a cool sea urchin chair. Via ROOM & Serve

+ Certain fabric colors for the Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker are at 50% off at Zac and Zoe. The idea to look for it came to me after reading about the best scavenger finds on Ohdeedoh. Do not bother to check the ad since the Craiglist listing has now expired. Via Ohdeedoh

+ If you like to buy local produce, check out What’s in Season for August in sunny California by Sabina of Barefoot in the Orchard. Look at the tasty figs on the chocolate cake.

+ Read a review about the Flip & Tumble reusable bags. Megan of Not Martha compared it to the Envirosax and the RuMe shopping bags. I personally prefer using my Flip & Tumble bags.

+ I realized this weekend how useful the iPhone 3G could be for blogging. I see it as a productivity enhancer and a marketing tool. I could post pictures on Twitter as a trailer to an upcoming post. And reading my RSS on the go would better utilize my work time. To see how other bloggers use their iPhone for blogging, read the review on Problogger.