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Emery Desk Accessories and book boxes at pottery barn :: notebook by bound to :: p-hook by pyloneer

This is my daily collection of noteworthy stuff that I saw online.

+ Look no further than Pottery Barn for a fashionable desk organizer collection. The Emery Desk Accessories mixed well with Book Boxes, a collection of storage accessories with hinged lids and magnetic closures. Via Apartment Therapy Los Angeles

+ Writing in a beautiful notebook feels wonderful. I like to think that I am more creative this way; it is my justification to buy so many notebooks and journals. Etsy seller Bound To makes journals, notebooks and sketchbooks. I discovered that I share a passion with Holly of decor8

+ Leave it to Japanese to invent funky stuff. If your bookcase is packed, P-hook by pyloneer can enables you to easily get out the book that you want. Sold by the dozen in a matchbox, P-hook is made of recycled paper. At this point, you will have to travel to Japan to grab your hand on a box. Via Apartment Therapy Los Angeles

+ These Beautiful Black and white Ceramic Canisters are now on sale at Pottery Barn. I share their design philosophy when they state “the key to dynamic display is combining objects that complement one another without matching precisely.” Via Shak In Style

+ If you need a boost for your blogging activity or if you wonder if adding videos is right for your blog, watch the advice of Gary Vaynerchuk on How to build a good show on the Internet. It is all about content and community

  • Anouk
    September 3, 2008 at 12:15

    Wow, the stationnary items are beautiful 🙂

  • Sabina
    September 3, 2008 at 13:20

    Hi Kim,

    I did my phone interview with Deena today. Of course I had lots of wonderful things to say about your blog!!

    Take care,
    Sabina ~