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This is my daily collection of interesting stuff that I saw on the Web.

+ There is an additional reason to visit Paris this summer. You can get free dance lessons at Paris airports. Having fun and be active before boarding the plane probably helps to make your flight more pleasurable. Via Springwise.

+ Continue the fun with popcorn soaps made with moisturizing Shea butter and scented with soft vanilla. At $4 a bag of 25 mini soaps from Love Lee Soaps on Etsy, this is healthier treat for you guests to bring home after at a big movie night party. Via Rare Bird Finds.

+ Give your kid some personalized stationery so they can write their new friends. In this email period, teach your kids the value of written notes with this juvenile pattern available at Rock Paper Scissors. Via Totally Tabletops.

+ If you wish to eat your own grown organic vegetables but do not have the time or the green thumbs, you can hire your own gardeners to come to your house. For about $40 USD, a gardener from Oregon-based Your Backyard Farmer will take care of your garden once a week and deliver the harvested vegetables at your door. Via Springwise

+ If you or your kid is heading to college, a few good tips for Decorating the Dorm