Daily Quick Links | Craft Organization and Old-fashioned Tailgating

martha stewart ribbon storage box :: tailgating by sweet paul :: notNeutral Transport Ceramic Snack Set

This is my daily collection of noteworthy stuff that I saw online.

+ The Archimede Laptop Caddy designed by Leonardo Rossano in 2006 would be handy when I blog in front of the TV. I am tired of putting my laptop on lap. Unfortunately at $950, it is too expensive for my needs. Via Los Angeles Times

+ But the new Ebony Ribbon Storage Box from Martha Stewart Crafts collection is an affordable indulgence. Via Los Angeles Times

+ Rediscovering the simple pleasures of tailgating when it did not mean a large BBQ on a stadium parking. Photos by Studio Dreyer Hensley. Via Sweet Paul

+ notNeutral Transport Ceramic Snack Set is another kid dinnerware set that is neither in melamine nor in vibrant colors. notNeutral sells the 3-piece set for $32. It is more than double the price of Bodum Kids dinnerware set I showed you last Sunday. There is a market for something else than the big movies theme in kid tableware. Via Ohdeedoh

+ I like the German-made Weck Canisters available at Heath Ceramics. Via Hoping for Happy Accidents

+ Pretty amazing of shots from the Beijing Olympics that you never seen. The gallery contains 150 captivating pictures. Via Twitter