Daily Quick Links | Artistic Orange Tones and Burgers

old typewriter pictures by alicia bock :: pottery banr kids Guitar & Boom Box pillows :: salmon burgers served on a long wood tray

This is my daily collection of noteworthy stuff that I saw online.

+ A delightful scene photographed by Alicia Bock that you can buy on Etsy. She is a completely self-taught photographer. All her pictures exhibit a vintage vibe. Via Apartment Therapy San Francisco

+ Pottery Barn Kids excel in devising amazing kids décor. For the future rock star in your family, infuse a musical in their bedrooms with the Guitar & Boom Box large pillows. With kids, it is best to use a wide theme. Therefore, mix the pillows with Gavin Sheeting designed for kids who loves sports, animals, cars, aviation and music. Via Serendipity and Spark

Gingery Salmon Burgers on a Wood Tray

+ The long and narrow curved wood tray adds style. The tray design accentuates the uniqueness of the gingery salmon burgers by Michael Smith. Sitting on a potato dill roll, watercress and red onion relish complement the savor of his Maritime’s burgers.  I am glad to report that Michael Smith’s fascinating series, Chef at Home is entering its fifth season this fall. Via Food for Thought

Getting Organized at Home

+ If you are cleaning the garage or the shed, you could wall mount a few magnetic knife holders to neatly store paintbrushes. This is another great organizing idea from Martha Stewart. Via anh-minh

+ Eco-friendly back-to-school tips based on the three R’s: reuse, reduce and recycle. The best tips is to invest in reusable lunch box or bag, many reusable containers plus to use real cutlery and cloth napkins.Via The Gazette

Announcement: I am preparing a cool article on wood plates and trays. It is based on a craft project that anyone can do.

  • Fiona Richards
    August 20, 2008 at 09:31

    I love that photo by Alicia Bock. Very nice!