Cutest Office Supplies at Paper Source + 2 craft projects for outdoor parties


Add creativity to your desk with the exotic file folder set. It is part of the India collection, a PS design. The line includes flat cards, note cards, journals, wrapping paper, rubber stamps and colored glass tea light / votive holder. A good starting point to design a party.

The Papaya Lotus Lotus journal harmonizes well with the India pieces.

Summer Craft Projects

craft projects seen on paper source\'s blog

Paper Source just launched a blog. So far, I read inspiring craft projects that would be fun for entertaining this summer. I recalled that we learned in school how to make similar paper lanterns. They are easy to make.

For a picnic or a bike ride, create your own pinwheels. Rubber stamps adds character to solid paper. Both ideas would add a festive touch to any birthday or a baby shower.

+ Gift Wrapping Paper – sheet $2.25 USD, roll $7.95 USD
+ Jaipur Block Print File Folder Set $27.95 CAD
+ Papaya Lotus Garden Journal $16.95 USD
+ For your handbag or next to the phone, keep a Papaya Simple Pink Bird Notepad $7.95 USD

  • Leslie Rowlands
    June 10, 2009 at 08:17

    Like the post on these…I just sawan article on this type of home in Dwell. A less in more look with a simplicity in this hectic world we live in!