Cute Angry Birds Cake Pops from Montreal

angry birds cake pops

As an Angry Birds fan, I am doubly happy to feature these cute creations from La Popshop, a baker located in Montreal. I put her on my local watch list.

We are behind when it comes to creative bakers in Montreal. This fact troubled me even more since I became a mom. I would need access to talented suppliers with flair to celebrate in style my son’s birthdays. Plus, it does not help matters that many bakers lack a proper online presence. It is sad because all they need to do would be to start a blog and to keep a Facebook page plus a Twitter account.

If you are interested, her cake pops start at $30 for a dozen of classic cake pops and at $35 for a dozen deluxe cake pops. The Angry Birds are a deluxe version.

+  La Popshop

  • Margot
    November 11, 2011 at 06:20

    My hubby would love that 🙂