Custom Halloween Rugs Useable the Rest of the Year

arachnophobia from martha stewart flor designs

Martha Stewart have joined Flor, the maker of the coolest tile rug system, for Halloween. Arachnophobia is a spider Web pattern available in two colors. Opt for the more sophisticated Raven and Ash color. Having 9 tiles of spider web feels a little redundant. You will achieve better results if you match solid and patterned tiles to create your own unique design.

custom halloween rug with flor tiles

For example, I decided to box in Arachnophobia with Skully, another festive Halloween pattern. I used Toy Poodle in Woof Woof Walnut for the two sides. If you are lucky, you may hand up with some tiles that you could put somewhere in my house the rest of the year.

halloween rug with flor tiles

Do not worry to be creative With the Design your Flor tool. You can get unexpected surprising results. The tool is not just test your design, it also speeds the ordering process. The configurator keeps track of your tile requirements with a ready to use Add to Cart function.

flor funny bones rug kit showing skully pattern and Channel Surfing pre-cut border

If you do not feel creative, you can always buy them in ready to use kits. If you have a boy living at home, they will appreciate the Funny Bones rug kit in their play room or bedroom. Know that you can order pre-cut quarter tile border tiles.

+ Arachnophobia Raven/Ash Tile $15.99 USD
+ Skully Black and White Tile $13.99
+ Toy Poddle Tile $13.99
+ Funny Bones rug kit $129.99 USD
+ Velvet Rope Tilee $13.99 – I used the pewter and the red
+ thanks to @iancapstick for tweeting me this idea